by Mimi Garbisch Carlson

Sailing "C" boats began in the early 1930's. There are two old silver trophies from the early days that we still use. The first regatta of the season is scheduled for the July 4th weekend. The 1st Place trophy is the first trophy in the Yacht Club history. It is a grand old silver cup, named for its donor, Frank "Rollie" Buck, grandfather of the Siqveland brothers. It was presented to the sailors of the day: Bob Buck, Jim Brandt, Jimmy Gamble, and Dick Garbisch. The 2nd and 3rd place trophies for this regatta have existed for many years, but are unnamed.

The second regatta, 2 weeks later, is called the Memorial Cup, and the trophies come to us from the Brandt family. The 1st Place trophy is named for George C. Brandt, Sr.; Rutledge Schropp; "Beezer" Knapp; and David R. Brandt. The 2nd Place trophy is named for James M. Brandt and was donated by son Tom and Patty Brandt. The 3rd Place trophy is named for L.C. "Hidie" Brandt and was donated by daughter Lolly and John Hallberg.

The third regatta, 2 weeks after the Memorial Cup, was originally called the "End of Summer" races, is now called the Moxness Cup. Eivind "Uncle Mox" Moxness gave the 1st Place trophy; Kay and Dan Gainey donated the 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

The fourth regatta, 1 week after the Moxness Cup, is now called the “End of Summer” regatta and enjoys custom C Scow trophies commissioned and donated by Jo Roberts in 2007.

The second old silver trophy originally belonged to H.F. "Hub" Garbisch and was a trophy his "show" chickens won at Madison Square Garden. It was later named the Robert Buck Trophy in memory of Bob. We now use it as 1st Place for the entire summer season for the best overall sailor in 3 out of the 4 regattas. In honor/memory of my parents and grandparents, my husband, Eric, and I donated the 2nd Place trophy named for Dick and Marge Garbisch and the 3rd Place trophy named for H.F. "Hub" and Lou Garbisch.

Since racing began, the number of boats has increased, and now there are usually 8 to 10 sailboats in any given regatta. The Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club has many people to thank over the years, including previous Commodores Rollie Buck, Dick Garbisch, Chris and Rick Brandt, Dave Brandt,  Bob Crabb, Jr. and Tom Siqveland.

For more information about the Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club and the summer regatta series, please contact the club Commodore for more information.


*Minor updates be Pete Roberts