Help the club, Have fun, Be appreciated.  We love you guys!

Look at the race Schedule page, sign up with the convienient little check boxes and Commodore For Life Grant Moos will give you a call.

2012 Ten Mile Lake Sailing Club Race Procedures

Committee Boat Responsibilities (3 people Minimum)

Confirm starting line is still reasonably close to perpendicular to the wind, if not move committee boat buoy accordingly.

Log the time, weather, sun, temp, wind speed and direction.

Secure course information from commodore, radio channel 1

On the white bored print large and bold the days first course, (use course letter/number designation found on the “course key chart”) and the direction boats are to round buoys, (Port or Starboard: best to keep buoys to Port).Hold up the whiteboard for boats to read when they arrive at the starting area.  At the same time write down the name and number of each boat as well as who is skippering and who is crewing.

On queue from the Commodore start the race countdown sequence.

Countdown the start as one person looks down the starting line ready to sound a horn and shout out sail numbers of boats over early. Please do not comment on rule violations but take note of the situation and boats involved in any conflicts. 

Once all boats have started, record any issues and relocate to the windward mark.

Observe boats rounding the windward mark noting any that touch the buoy and if they take their penalty.

Relocate to the finish line.  The side of the start/finish line that the committee boat is anchored depends on if the course was run Port or Starboard with the objective being to make sure the committee boat buoy is “outside” the course, (so the boats do not have to negotiate past the committee boat buoy as they sail through the course).

Record the order boats finish the race.

Set up white board for the next race, (course changes?)

On signal from Grant start the countdown for the second race and begin again.  Have Fun! We all really appreciate you!

Starting Time

All regattas consist of two races with a start time of 1:30 PM.  The second race will start shortly after the conclusion of the first.  In the event of weather cancellation the race will be rescheduled for 10:00 AM the next day.  If that race is also cancelled the race will be rescheduled for 1:30 PM the following Saturday.

Commodore Grant Moos contact info:  Cell  651 295 9160  Cabin 218 675 6228

Starting Line

All races will begin with the first leg to windward. Consequently, the Starting Line will be located near the leeward shore on the main body of the lake.

Course Designations

Each of the 6 courses has a letter and a number designation. (O1,G1, T1, etc.) This is the designation that will be boldly displayed on the white board immediately prior to the race by the race committee positioned on one end of the starting line.  It is important to have this sheet on-board for confirmation of the course.  The race committee will always have extra copies in the event you lose or forget your copy.

The white board will also have a Port (counter-clockwise) or Starboard (clockwise) designation for the direction of the race.  (The Port course is depicted on this sheet and the Starboard is its mirror image)

The course for race 2 may be different from race 1 so make sure to check with the Committee Boat for the course layout prior to race 2.

(Races with 5 or more legs will use a tighter course so as to keep the duration of the race similar to races with 4 or fewer legs)

                                      The Start

Six minutes                                   Three horn blasts

                                                      Raise White Flag


Three-and-a-half minutes            White flag lowered


Three Minutes                               Two horn blasts

                                                      Blue flag raised


Thirty seconds                              Blue flag lowered

Start                                              Single shotgun blast

                                                      Red flag raised

Sailing Rules

We all want racing on Ten Mile to be fun for everybody.  Nationwide, it is nice to know that C Scow sailing fleets are wildly considered to be the most congenial of racers.  Patience with those new to racing and an effort on the part of new sailors to learn fundamental rules will make each race day a success. 

A few basic rules and club conventions

Starboard tack, (wind coming over the right side of the boat/boom on left side of boat) has right of way over port tack boats.

Please understand the rule against “barging” at the starting line: boats close-hauled on starboard tack have right of way even if it means you need to tack away or cross the starting line early to keep clear, (you can’t  “run down” the starting line waiting for the gun to go off).

If you cross the starting line before the gun goes off you must re-start by going around one end of the race and re-crossing the line in the correct direction. The committee boat will attempt to hail you to tell you that you went over early and will generally blast a horn once and yell out a sail number for each boat that started early. While restarting you must stay out of the way of all other boats.

If you foul another boat or hit a buoy while racing you must immediately pay a penalty: specifically your boat must turn two complete circles. Once again you must stay clear of other boats while taking your penalty.

If someone fouls you and does not complete the penalty turns, or if there is uncertainty if a penalty applies, simply fly a red flag off one of your stays and the rules committee will consider the merits of the case back at the clubhouse following the race.  If it is determined a penalty indeed occurred the penalized boat would drop two positions for that race.