AIS stands for Aquatic Invasive Species such as Eurasion Water Milfoil and Zebra muscles.

Unfortunatly these unsightly and incredibly damaging creatures can now be found in a number of surrounding lakes: Leech lake has Eurasion Water Milfoil and the Gull Lake Chain has Zebra mussels.

The Ten Mile Lake Association and many concered individuals throughout Minnesota are working hard to stop AIS from spreading to clean lakes. The Sailing Club can help too.

Inspection is key. Every watercraft, anchor line, buoy, trailer, dock, boatlift and anything else that is going into the lake needs to be inspected for aquatic plants or animals- including live wells, bilges, motors and portable bait containers. Anthing found must be removed in a way that won't eventually get into the lake.  Please insist that all your Ten Mile guests follow these steps as well.

Learn more. The Ten Mile Lake Association is looking for volenteers willing to take a DNR training and help inspect boats coming into Ten Mile. Not suprisingly early inspections have found all users of Ten Mile launching at the public access to be very receptive and eager to protect the lake.  We are all in this together. If you see something that dosen't look right or you have concerns above all be polite and honest that you are simple concerned with the possible spread of AIS.